White Lightning Shine - 50%vol - 70cl

White Lightning Shine - 50%vol - 70cl


This famous folklore favourite needs little introduction, raw untamed and straight to the point this is a traditional shine with a contemporary twist.

You can explore White Lightning Shine neat, on the rocks or add it to your favourite cocktails to enhance the party.

Tasting Notes

Potent on the nose yet surprisingly smooth on the palate, with a warmth that spreads on the way down. This deceptively pleasant classic shine packs a punch.

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy a double measure served in a tall glass over ice, topped up with elderflower tonic & a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing alternative to a gin & tonic.

Classic Cocktail Twist

Margarita's Time to Shine

  • Add 30ml White Lightning to a shaker over ice.

  • Add 20ml Cointreau

  • Add 20ml Simple sugar syrup.

  • Add 20ml Freshly Squeezed Lime

  • Add 1 Pinch of rock salt.

  • Shake for around 7 seconds.

  • Double strain into a Margarita glass.

  • Garnish with a lime wheel.

Enjoy Collards Distillery Co. White Lightning Shine, but please drink responsibly.

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