Our Roots


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The Collard Family

The Collard family are surrounded by a rich history within the hospitality industry, running public houses for the last four generations. They currently manage The Lion Royal Hotel, which situates in their hometown of Rhayader.

An unlikely Discovery

It was at this hotel where Tom’s moonshine story really began. After strangely discovering an old recipe book which had been stashed away for years in a dusty back cupboard, it opened up a world of possibilities.

This book contained a number of long forgotten ways to flavour and infused alcoholic spirits. With this information and a lot of crazy experiments Shine - Welsh Mountain Moonshine was born.

The Lion Royal Hotel.

The Lion Royal Hotel established itself as a well known rest stop for weary stagecoach travellers back in the early 1700s. Horse-drawn coaches travelled from Aberystwyth to London and everywhere in between, carrying all kinds of supplies, goods and commodities.

Local Folklore states that one of the most sought after commodity was bottled spirits, and with high demand in the ever growing city of London, concealing untaxed Welsh Mountain liquor with shipments of general goods became a lucrative and risky game.

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